Assisting lawyers to advance through career mentoring and coaching.
Strategies for achieving job satisfaction, work/life balance and leadership roles in law firms.

While women make up 50% of the first year class hires by top law firms, they are only 17% of the equity partners of those firms.  Even fewer have become   practice group leaders or executive / compensation committee members and fewer still are in the top law firm management position. When women doubt their ability to advance in firms or become frustrated in their effort to do so, they often make the hard decision to leave the firm and sometimes the law. Mentors can provide the support, encouragement and strategies for success that enhance the ability to achieve goals. A great mentor helps even high achievers with coping mechanisms for managing anxiety and pressure, understand what it takes to be an effective leader and develop the authenticity and confidence necessary to achieve goals, whatever they may be.

Services for Lawyers

Being a lawyer at a large law firm can be challenging, exciting and even exhilarating but it also can be demanding, overwhelming and isolating. It is a highly competitive, pressure-packed environment and asking for assistance often seems out of the question. We provide a one-on-one mentoring relationship with an experienced former law firm litigator who can provide support, encouragement, advice and inspiration and can help lawyers understand and/or realize their goals, be they achieving work/life balance or smashing glass ceilings.

Services for Firms

Law firms recognize that they have promising lawyers still striving to reach their potential who would benefit from one-on-one coaching. While lawyers are assigned mentors under the firm's mentoring program, the meetings can be sporadic because of the mentor's pressing client needs. We provide one-on-one coaching by an experienced lawyer with the teaching ability, interpersonal skills, empathy, interest and time to work with mentees toward realizing full potential.