What We Do Together:

We provide coaching services in lieu of or to supplement the law firm mentoring or training programs. Often, those programs cannot provide optimum coaching or training because partners are distracted by client obligations or they lack the listening and teaching skills or the empathy to be truly effective mentors or trainers. Using outside coaches allows the firm to provide the effective teaching/support the associates want and need without impacting lawyers busy with client services or enlisting lawyers who will not be successful in the role. The firm identifies promising lawyers who have not yet achieved their potential and who it believes will benefit by coaching and we develop an individualized plan to enhance that lawyer’s ability to succeed.


  • Creating or reviewing a development plan with the firm and the lawyer and working to achieve the plan’s goals.
  • Training on lawyering skills needed for success such as oral and written communications, attention to detail, interacting with partners and clients and working efficiently.
  • Assisting lawyers transitioning to or from maternity/paternity/disability leaves or struggling with work life balance.
  • Providing support to promising lawyers who are working hard to achieve in the firm’s fast paced environment.

How We Work Together:

We have an initial consultation with the firm and then begin working with the lawyer involved. Fees would be charged on an hourly basis, with a flat fee for a particular number of hours or on a retainer basis.

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