What We Do Together:

Mentors can be helpful to lawyers at all stages of their careers. While we often think of the need for a mentor early in our career, mid-level partners and senior lawyers can also benefit from a mentor. Lawyers in the early years of practice are met with the challenges of obtaining the work and opportunities they want, dealing with partners and senior associates who may be difficult taskmasters and developing confidence in a highly competitive work environment. Senior lawyers often want guidance when they feel they are not properly credited for their business development, are seeking leadership roles within a firm or are considering moving to a part-time status or retirement. During our mentoring relationship we will work on a variety of individual skills/issues, depending on where you are in your practice and where you would like to go.


  • Setting short and long-term goals.
  • Improving assertiveness and interpersonal skills.
  • Identifying obstacles to success.
  • Learning authenticity.
  • Assistance transitioning between work and child birth/ child care.
  • Improving written and oral communications, working efficiently
    and managing clients and partners.
  • Developing and demonstrating self-confidence.

How We Work Together:

We have an initial consultation without charge. If, after the initial consultation, you are interested in this mentoring relationship, fees are charged on an hourly, flat fee or retainer basis or services may be provided pro bono.

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